Fabric Selection For Tshirts

Ashley Lee · Jan 11, 2021

The t-shirt is a basic piece of clothing that can be worn in any combination of elements, we see it everywhere, in all kinds of weather and for any informal occasion. What makes a t-shirt a favourite? For me, it's not just the logo or the print on it, it's the material. In my opinion, shirts that are soft to the touch are the best. With so many options available, you can easily cater for casual, sports or business wear.



It is the most popular fabric for T-shirts. It is soft, sturdy and breathable but does wrinkle. It is perfect for casual and everyday wear. It's also very affordable. Most t-shirts at sale prices are 6.1 oz or 5.5 oz. These are the cheapest price point t-shirts.


Combed cotton

A little more expensive than basic cotton. It is made by specially treating cotton fibres before they are spun into yarn. The result is a stronger, smoother fabric that is very soft to the touch. These are usually lighter weight shirts; 4.3 oz.


Organic cotton

Organic cotton is any type of cotton that is grown without the use of chemicals or genetic engineering. It is grown using methods that have little impact on the environment and is very soft to the touch. As with any organically made product, the process tends to be a less efficient one, so these fabrics will cost more than their faster, more environmentally friendly counterparts.


Bima/Subima cotton

Considered to be the best quality cotton. Bima cotton is made from extra long fibres and is very soft and durable. Sublima cotton is the same, however, it refers to 100% grown American Bima cotton. These cottons are resistant to pilling, fading and stretching. Multiple washes will only make these shirts softer.



It is quick drying and does not mold or mildew, making it an excellent material for athletic apparel. Even after repeated washings, it retains its size, shape and colour, and resists shrinking or stretching.Polyester also has amazing insulating properties, making it a great choice for environments that can get a mix of hot and cold weather.


Cotton/Polyester Blend


A blend that combines cotton and polyester materials, giving the best qualities of both in one great fabric. The cotton fibres in this blend remain cool and light, while also having the strength and wrinkle resistance of polyester.




are super soft! They are made up of 3 different types of material which is generally polyester, cotton and rayon. Because of this super blend, t-shirts are much softer and also tend to cost more. Typically, you will see tri-blends in a more fashion fitted style as they tend to run smaller and have more stretch to them. These shirts tend to be more light weight.

In addition to the difference in material, the weight of a t-shirt is also helpful in determining what kind of climate a t-shirt is suitable for. 6 oz (170 GSM) or heavy weight (≥190 GSM) shirts are more suitable for cold weather. These shirts are more durable, have a straighter fit and are ideal for regular washing. Lighter weight t-shirts, usually between 3-5 (85-150 GSM) ounces, are better suited to warmer weather and have a looser fit.