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Heated Electric Blanket

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Our Soft Fleece Blanket has 3 adjustable temperature settings! Keep your cold feet and and hands warm under our heated electric blanket. It is easily machine washable too!

Temperature: 95°F-140°F (35°C-60°C) comes with three levels of adjustable temperature. The internal heating element is made of high-grade carbon fiber, heats up fast, and is safe. 

Multipurpose: Can be used as a warm quilt, or for feeling cozy when reading a book, or when taking a nap at work. Perfect for camping, walking, chilling at home, or traveling. 

Safety: Our Blanket is made with overheating protection and is designed to be protected from short circuits. It is extremely safe on the body. 

Size: 150*80cm (59*31in)

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