Custom Vinyl Printing

Printed or PermaPress vinyl is similar to cut vinyl except it is used to print multiple colors and complex artwork. The design is printed on a decal and then pressed onto a garment with heat. PermaPress vinyl is often used when a design is too complex or detailed to embroider. If you're interested in printed vinyl applications for your order, contact our Product Specialists.


Vinyl Printing FAQ

  • What is PermaPress Hi-Res Vinyl Transfer?

This is nothing like your store-bought t-shirt transfer paper or a temporary solution.PermaPress is a print method where full-color images are digitally printed onto a high quality,light-weight vinyl.The image is then cut out precisely and pressed onto your apparel.What's great about this new process is that once it is heat-applied to your apparel,the image will last for years to come... not just a couple of washes.

  • How Durable Is PermaPress And What Does It Feel Like?

PermaPress is extremely durable and will last through many washes and wears.To give you a better idea of the materials,think of the old jersey from your favorite soccer or softball team.Our PermaPress material feels lighter than that and holds up just as well as the lettering and numbering on that jersey. 

  • What Is The Average Turnaround Time For PermaPress Vinyl?

PermaPress vinyl takes no longer than other pringting, so our typical turnaround time is just 7 to 10 business days from the date that your order is placed.If you require a quicker delivery, we recommend calling us as soon as possible at +86 19570065918 to ensure we can meet your deadline. 

  • Why Choose PermaPress Vinyl Over A Regular Direct To Garment/Digital Print? 

Due to the type of ink involved in the process,DTG is only available on items that are 100% cotton.However, many common items (such as sweatshirts or sweatpants) are made with polyester fabric.PermaPress Vinyl is a great option for printing full color on these items.The process is also quicker than Direct to Garment/Digital Printing where it may make perfect sense to use this process instead. 

  • How Do I Place An Order For PermaPress Vinyl Printing?

Placing an order for PermaPress is simple!Call us at +86 13610142798 or email us at and one of our project specialists will be happy to help get you started.